During the past 12 years, Recovery Partners has delivered extensive services in occupational rehabilitation support to help injured individuals and their employers to navigate the challenges of returning to one of the most critical functions - work.

Significant injuries and extended absences from the workplace pose a major threat to organisations. Our services provide protection against increased operational costs, reduced productivity, and spiked indemnity costs.

Recovery Partners works with organisations to help offset this risk and endeavours to maximise the return on investment on all occasions. Our team is available to work across all jurisdictions including state workers' compensation schemes, CTP insurance, life insurance and Comcare.

Recovery Partners team of highly experienced and enthusiastic consultants have been very effective in our ability to help support stakeholders in their return to the workplace. We pride ourselves on the value we add and remain thrilled with our results of a 97% success rate with return to work for claimants.  

Our Approach

We recognise the difficulties this process holds when factoring in time, cost, energy and productivity, and as such we offer a proven methodology and network of highly experienced clinicians that we believe is currently unrivalled in the market.

Our team's philosophy is that recovery at work is the best practice and we shift the focus from disability to ability. Drawing on our wealth of knowledge of both injury management and work health and safety, Recovery Partners' consultants are able to implement strategies that alleviate return to work obstacles and provide industry leading outcome for our clients.


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We welcome your enquiry. Recovery Partners are able to coordinate for an array of references with respect to our Workplace Rehabilitation upon your request.

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