When your employee works from home, their home becomes ‘a place of work’ and you must ensure their health and safety and that of others. The same risks that are present in the usual place of work, can be present in someone’s home. The obligations for safety are no less than if they were working on the company premises.

A Working from Home Risk Assessment will help you:-

1. Identify risks

2. Work out a plan to eliminate of control them

3. Suggest guidelines for a successful working from home arrangement. 

 Working from Home Risk Assessments:

The risks present in someones home may be physical or psychological. It is not just the working area that needs to be safe in a home office, but also facilities such as the kitchen and bathroom.

When we are looking at the physical environment we look for:-

  • Obvious physical hazards, such as electrical hazards, and if there is there a safety switch

  • How the employee’s safety can be guaranteed

  • Phone reception (most people don’t have home phones so we need to make sure they can get help if they need it)

  • What would happen if there was a fire or other emergency

  • Ergonomics - most companies don’t want their employees working from a lounge or kitchen table

  • Noise levels, eg if there construction near them if can pose a hazard and distraction

  • Any other physical hazard. 

We also consider conditions that can lead to psychological risks including:- 

  • Excessive workloads

  • Organisational change

  • Conflicting demands

  • Lack of role clarity

  • Lack of involvement in making decisions

  • Inadequate communication

  • Loneliness
  • Any other psychological risk. 

Working from Home Agreement 

We recommend that all working from home agreements are confirmed in writing and include:- 

  1. A Working from Home Risk Assessment

  2. Term of agreement 

  3. Agreement on equipment and tools of trade

  4. Start and finish times

  5. Communications protocols, including how work will be allocated

  6. Data security protocols


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