Managing an employee’s return to work can be a delicate process which can influence morale within a team.

We offer a full Return to Work service for businesses wanting to manage this process in a manner which is both resource efficient and sensitive to the needs of their employees.

Recovery Partners have delivered RTW Coordination throughout our entire 12 years of service, and continue to deliver outstanding results with our overall RTW rate standing at 99% for our customers and their employees.




The major benefits to your business are as follows:

  • TA fully trained contractor with specialist knowledge manages the process freeing up resources internally and eliminating the need for additional training.

  • You can share the cost with other employers

  • You are not required to fund leave or superannuation entitlements for a role which is often not required on a full time basis.

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We welcome your enquiry. Recovery Partners are able to coordinate for an array of references with respect to our RTW Coordination upon your request.

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