Recovery Partners On-site Health Assessments are delivered by qualified professionals, with full accreditations. Our aim is to identify, assess, and target critical health issues to ensure optimum health and safety in the workplace.

Recovery Partners considers the physical, mental and social wellbeing of workers when establishing an effective health and wellbeing program. With a high prevalence of chronic disease in the Australian population causing increased absenteeism, and a reduction in workforce productivity. A confidential health check is an early intervention strategy that may highlight physical and mental health conditions before they arise to a more serious claim. 

They aim to identify if an applicant can perform the inherent requirements of the job, to recognise risks, and to determine if the risk can be reduced. Our confidential checks can be strong motivators, providing employees with the support and information they need to make important changes in their health.


Health Checks can include the following:

  • Mental health risk assessment
  • Vision check
  • Hearing Check
  • Physical fitness measurements (passive and active)
  • Biometric screening (BMI, waist circumference)
  • Fitness capacity
  • Blood screening

Feedback and recommendations on the following lifestyle factors:

  • Alcohol & smoking
  • Poor diet & unhealthy weight
  • Physical inactivity
  • Stress & sleep management

Our Solution:

  • Engage all employees to adopt positive lifestyle habits (People & Places Strategy)
  • A holistic approach keeping it simple (and affordable!)
  • Performance management that creates a positive work culture
  • Empower local champions. 



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