Recovery Partners provide Job Task Analysis to assist employers and employees understand the demands of a role. If you have physically demanding roles or have a higher prevalence of injuries in a role it is recommended that a Job Task Analysis is performed.


What is a Job Task Analysis?

A Job Task Analysis is a comprehensive analysis of a particular role performed by a qualified professional. It defines the requirements, duties and responsibilities of a role. This can help employers ensure correct safety and injury management measures are in place.

The Benefits?

  • Helps employers & employees understand the physical and cognitive demands of the role
  • Identifies safety concerns & assists in implementing effective safety measures
  • Helps injury management procedures
  • Reduces risk of repetitive strain injury
  • Helps facilitate RTW
  • Promotes beneficial correspondence to assist treatment providers
  • Provides an understanding of relevant training needed
  • Provides a testing framework for fitness for duty and pre-employment assessments
  • Identifies the best ways to perform the tasks
  • Increases workplace efficiency
  • Identifies how tasks impacts the individual or group.

Job Dictionary

A Job Dictionary provides a tailored overview of a role demands and duties description to help you understand risks in the workplace. It supports diversification of workforce, multiskilling and empowering employees; ultimately providing higher job satisfaction and encouraging increased productivity.

  • Assists with task rotation to prevent repetitive strain injury
  • Assists when customising pre-employment health checks
  • Promotes effective injury management
  • Read more on our Job Dictionaries here


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