Recovery Partners offers a comprehensive team of allied health professionals whose core skill sets revolve around their capacity to determine the functional requirements of task performance.

Our team’s experience brings a superior proficiency to our job dictionary completions due to their professionalism and capacity to assess complex contextual arrangements.

Given the level of attention to detail, our job dictionaries completed are often readily translated into organisational Safe Work Method Statements due to our team’s ability to associate with risk ratings of environmental design and occupational performance.


What is a Job Dictionary able to offer?

  • Classification of each position with a clear definition;

  • Overall physical rating of the position;

  • General description of position/tasks;

  • Description of the working environment e.g.: indoor or outdoor;

  • Required Personal Protective Equipment for each task (as appropriate);

  • The physical demands of each position; and

  • Photos of each task will be used as illustration of postural requirements.

Job dictionaries act as a fundamental WHS management tool by creating a known baseline across organisations and concisely communicate inherent requirements and potential risks of employment roles. Recovery Partners readily provide these documents to organisations as a foundational item of their WHS and risk management procedures, and have been developing job dictionaries since our organisational inception in 2004.


Our Approach

A key feature of Recovery Partners’ success in job dictionary development projects is our ability to recognise the direct needs of our clients and correlate their commercial realities into the assessments.

Our experienced clinicians have developed various assessment and report models that have been able to directly replicate organisational needs and accurately benchmark individuals in accordance to the intended positions.

Our assessors readily conference to discuss challenges experienced with job dictionary utilisation and amendments are readily delivered to provide clients with the greatest value from our interventions.


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