Recovery Partners provide 24 hour access to our Injury Reporting Centre (IRC) for all work related injuries. We are here to reduce your workers compensation and injury related costs, including avoidable initial lost time injuries. To do this, it's critical that injured workers receive the right level of care and support as soon as a workplace injury occurs.

This service is managed by our hand-picked team of Return to Work Coordinators who are able to streamline all the reporting processes and ensure that all employer legal obligations are met. Workplace injury notifications are able to be lodged via all forms of media including telephone, email or fax.

Our consultants undergo extensive training to ensure they respect and understand an organisation's specific needs, adhere to all internal policies and procedures, and recognise the potential sensitivity of all situations. Our consultants are able to directly contact injured individuals within four (4) hours of notification, and will immediately develop recommendations for action.

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Return To Work Consultancy

Recovery Partners would refer a Rehabilitation Consultant for each injured worker/claim, regardless of the level of incapacity or severity of the claim. With a goal of finalising/closing these claims, depending on the complexity of the matter, this role may include:

  • Assuming the role of intermediary between the relevant Insurer/Broker and the employer;

  • Development of return to work plans;

  • Negotiation on suitable duties with treating doctors;

  • Communication with treating professionals to ensure optimal recovery time frames;

  • Scheduling case conferences with GP’s;

  • Responding to requests for information from worker’s solicitors to ensure only appropriate and necessary information is provided; and

  • Communication with the insurers/WorkCover regarding a claims strategy. 


Online Data Management Portal

Recovery Partners provides exclusive access to our clients to an online data management portal that is able to clearly represent and manage all lodged injury incidents, and provides live reporting back to customers with regards to our completed action items e.g. completed injury incident forms storage, appointment confirmation, finalised certification receipt etc. Additionally, this portal is able to highlight the respective risk profiles and noted challenges for each lodged injury incident. This portal allows for maximal transparency and guides real-time reporting.


IRC Best Practice

  • Utilises multidisciplinary approach to triage the injury;

  • Provide recommendations and information to help the caller make informed decisions;

  • Provide immediate self care advice, reassurance and support;

  • Reduces the need for face to face consultations, hence saving money;

  • Provides a summary for recommended treatment with supporting clinical reasoning via email, providing a paper trace of intervention and support; and

  • Provides a nationally consistent approach to workplace injuries.


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