The WHS Regulations include specific duties for a person conducting a business or undertaking
to manage the risks to health and safety associated with using, handling, generating and storing hazardous chemicals at a workplace.

The duties include:

  • Correct labelling of containers
  • Maintaining a register and manifest (where relevant) of hazardous chemicals
  • Identifying risk of physical or chemical reaction of hazardous chemicals
  • Ensuring that exposure standards are not exceeded
  • Provision of health monitoring to workers
  • Provision of information, training, instruction and supervision to workers
  • Provision of spill containment system for hazardous chemicals if necessary
  • Obtaining the current Safety Data Sheet (SDS) from the manufacturer, importer or supplier of the chemical
  • Controlling ignition sources and accumulation of flammable and combustible substances
  • Preparing an emergency plan if the quantity of a class of hazardous chemical at a workplace exceeds the manifest quantity for that hazardous chemicals.

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Recovery Partners can provide consultancy on all these regulatory requirements with chemical management.

Our most popular services requested are:

Risk assess a hazardous chemical and create a Safe Work procedure – we would do this as a tutorial with a nominated employee so direction can be continued in house to do the same with other high risk chemicals over a period of time.

Conduct a general site hazard identification process, enter all identified hazards (excluding individual chemicals) into a hazard register. Risk assess all identified hazards and create risk control action plans.  The hazard register is a live document where you can emulate the processes we begin and use ongoing as other hazards are identified over a period of time.

Chemicals / Hazardous Substances Training Programs specifically developed and delivered to meet your operational needs.



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