Recovery Partners now offer drug and alcohol testing Australia wide to assist you in maintaining a healthy workplace. This can be offered as part of a pre-employment assessment, or on-site testing.

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**All of our  samples are collected & transported in accordance with AS/NZS 4308:2008 to a NATA accredited laboratory for further analysis if required.

We assess all three aspects of an intensive pre-employment assessment: functional capability; mental state; and possible dependence to a prohibited substance.


What the Service Can Include:

  • Develop and implement a drug and alcohol management program.
  • Development of policies and procedures related to drugs and alcohol.
  • Workplace alcohol & drug testing, predominantly using urine and breath sampling methods.
  • Education and rehabilitation assistance for your employees.


Alcohol Testing

The alcohol testing procedure is quite simple and most of us are familiar with the process involved. Staff are required to blow into a breathalyser and the result is recorded immediately.

Prohibited Substance Testing (Drug Testing)

Oral swab testing has been the preferred method of testing for Australian businesses as it records a recent reading from those tested, that is, it records any illicit substance such as methamphetamine taken within the last 72 hours.


The Process

To be tested, the staff member is asked to insert the mouthpiece into their mouth momentarily. The testing device will soon display either a Negative result, or a Non-Negative result.

  • A negative result means that the worker can return to work immediately.

  • A non-negative result requires further testing. If a staff member records a non-negative result, they will be asked to take a secondary test. 

  • If the staff member refuses to partake in a secondary test, it will be recorded as a failed result and the business can take appropriate disciplinary action.

  • If the staff member partakes in a secondary test which again records a non-negative result, they will be stood down intermittently whilst a laboratory test confirms whether the staff member has recorded a positive result (this usually will take place within 48 hours and will have an associated cost to the employer).

  • If the laboratory confirms that the staff member records a positive result to a prohibited substance, they will face appropriate disciplinary action.

  • If the laboratory advises that the non-negative reading is false, the worker will be reinstated and reimbursed for any lost wages during their 48 hour suspension.


Each test (inclusive of both an alcohol assessment and an illicit substance assessment) will take under fifteen minutes to complete.



Prices can vary depending on quantity and frequency of testing.

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We offer on site testing Australia wide! You can find our office locations here.