Estimated number of new cancer cases diagnosed in 2018 =

138 321  

Our Cancer Program has been developed by our Registered Nurses, Psychologists and Exercise Physiologists based on the latest research combining exercise and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) to reduce the human and financial cost of cancer.


Employer Checklist to Help Employees with Breast Cancer

The Recovery Partners Cancer Program has 6 goals:

  • Improve accessibility – reaching cancer sufferers in remote areas or those who cannot leave home can be a barrier or costly to receiving evidence-based treatment to support their recovery. Recovery Partners remote service provides convenience without compromising the quality of the intervention to get results.
  • Reduce brain fog – clarity of thinking is impacted by the harsh side effects of cancer treatments such as chemotherapy, but exercise has been proven to help which is a large part of Recovery Partners remote exercise solution
  • Improve coping mechanisms – without a plan or strategy, most of us don’t achieve what we set out to achieve, a plan to cope with symptoms and overcome them is key to recovery and Recovery Partners CBT approach focuses on this.
  • Improve strength whilst reducing fatigue – the physical impact of cancer treatments cause a large onset of fatigue, however, Recovery Partners resistance training program reverses the impact of this.
  • Improve quality of life – the ability to undertake activities of daily living and have the energy to engage in the community are key pillars of health and wellbeing. 
  • Control symptoms to support RTW – through practical coping strategies, reduced fatigue, clearer thinking and increased strength, cancer sufferers can incorporate a key to everyone’s life, and that’s work.

Key things to know:

  • All communication, initial assessment, 3 remote exercise sessions and 2 CBT programs are delivered over 8 weeks.
  • 100% remotely based with one dedicated Exercise Physiologist Registered Nurse / Psychologist consultant running the program exclusive for your member.
  • Throughout the program Recovery Partners will use the RPE, Hoopers Index and POMS measures to get an understanding of the member's subjective ratings which will track progress against the goals but specifically measure:
    • The rate of perceived exertion
    • Tension
    • Depression
    • Anger
    • Vigour
    • Fatigue
    • Confusion
    • Stress Level
    • Sleep
    • DOMS
  • Once the program is complete, Recovery Partners will complete a medical case conference to discuss improvements and readiness for return to work, of which if the Doctor agrees then Recovery Partners can commence rehabilitation services upon approval from the Insurer to support the return to pre-disability or new employment.
  • We will conduct monthly file reviews (which you are welcome to join) and send over a monthly strategy report at no cost.

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Fixed cost remote CBT and Exercise Cancer Program: $1,450+GST.



Our consultants are based at locations across Australia. Click here for our locations menu for an up to date list of our offices.


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