Recovery Partners recognise that injury management and return to work is not every business' speciality and managing this exercise can require painstaking work. Our programs are designed to help employees overcome issues that may adversely affect their professional performance, health or wellbeing.

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) Services

 EAP is a free and confidential counselling service provided by employers to assist staff with personal or work related issues. RRP offers a broad range of EAP services that are tailored to our customer’s needs. We have experience working with a large variety of organisations and have developed a specialist understanding of the particular values and needs of the employees who access EAP.

The core service provides solution-focused and best-practice strategies to assist employees to find solutions to return to optimal functioning. This can often minimise the impact of those issues on an individuals’ long-term mental health as well as their productivity and performance in the workplace.

Common issues addressed via EAP can include;

  • Work stress
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Relationship or marital issues
  • Grief or bereavement
  • Workplace conflict or performance issues
  • Management support

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Why EAP?

Personal problems become Personnel problems – by addressing the personal needs of your employees through a corporate wellness initiative such as an EAP you can impact quality of work, productivity, attendance and staff retention. 

Approximately 15% of the workforce accounts for 90% of absenteeism with emotional factors accounting for over 60% of lost time through absenteeism.  Addressing these factors via an EAP can significantly reduce absenteeism and reverse the productivity costs of workers who are experiencing personal problems.


Coverage and Consultants

Recovery Partners can provide national coverage with our male and female clinical psychologists offering face to face or phone based counselling sessions.


Additional Services

Recovery Partners can also provide additional services including mediation, trauma response and critical incident debriefing. These services can be provided either on site or at one of our office locations.

Recovery Partners are also able to provide specific training developed for whatever your current needs may be. Some of the topics for this training may include Bullying and Harassment, Stress Management and Dealing with Difficult People.

A formal EAP program and other targeted training can enable your staff to be more courteous, creative and be able to concentrate for longer periods.  This can be a significant advantage to your business and provide for a strong return on investment.


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Recovery Partners are able to offer differing fee structures for EAP services, a standard hourly rate or a monthly retainer with a reduced hourly rate.  Please contact us for the following fees applicable for EAP and other counselling services that would be provided from the date of signed agreement for a 12 month period. 



Our consultants are based at locations across Australia. Click here for our locations menu for an up to date list of our offices.


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We welcome your enquiry. Recovery Partners are able to coordinate for an array of references with respect to our EAP Programs upon your request.

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